Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Men Behind The Bluesmen: Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax was born on January 15, in 1915 and he passed away on July 19, in 2002. He was an American folklorist and musicologist who did a great deal to help popularize blues music.

He was one of the great and best known field collectors of folk music of the 20th century. He and his father John Lomax, recorded thousands of songs in the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, the West Indies, Italy, and Spain.

According to Wikipedia;

A pioneering oral historian, he also recorded substantial interviews with many legendary folk musicians, including Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Muddy Waters, Jelly Roll Morton, Irish singer Margaret Barry, Scots ballad singer Jeannie Robertson, and Harry Cox of Norfolk, England, among many others. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor he took his recording machine into the streets to capture the reactions of everyday citizens. While serving in the army in World War II he made numerous radio programs in connection with the war effort. The 1944 "ballad opera," The Martins and the Coys, broadcast in Britain (but not the USA) by the BBC, featuring Burl Ives, Woody Guthrie, Will Geer, Sonny Terry, Pete Seeger, and Fiddlin' Arthur Smith, among others, was released on Rounder Records in 2000.

The article at Wikipedia on Alan Lomax is a must read.

DVDs by Alan Lomax @Amazon.com

Lomax the Songhunter
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American Patchwork: The Land Where the Blues Began
~ Jack Owens, Sam Chatmon, and Othar Turner (DVD - 1990)

American Patchwork- Jazz Parades
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