Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thanks To All The Visitors To SML

I had been thinking about what I would say as I approached 100,000 page views, and now that that milestone has been passed, really there's nothing to say but,

"Thank you!"

Thanks to my contributors Ron Moorby and Mister Anchovy, I hope you both understand how much you add to this blog and how much I appreciate your help around here.

Thanks to my regular readers, you know who you are. It is because of you all that we keep up this labor of love.

Thanks also to the casual readers, who just stop in every now and then, we also need you very much.

The best I can figure out, the 100,000 visitor to SqueezeMyLemon was someone from Newburgh, Indiana, who came to the blog via Google searching for the term "blues blogspot." A search term that we rank very high in.

Thanks again, and please keep visiting us here at SML (with your help, we may be around for 200,000 visitors) and in the mean time, keep your Mojo working!

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