Monday, June 08, 2009

Let The Caged Bird Sing

Alabama 3 are a British band mixing rock, dance, blues, country, and gospel styles. Founded in Brixton, London, in 1996. In the United States, it is known as A3 to avoid a legal conflict with the well-established country music band Alabama. The group achieved international fame when the producers of hit TV series The Sopranos chose its track "Woke Up This Morning" for the show's opening credits.

The band is particularly notable for its fusion of styles, lyrics full of ironic intent, its deliberately humorous personas, and its outrageous live performances. Every member of the group has an alias by which they are known, the band's founding members adopting the personas Larry Love (Rob Spragg) and The Very Reverend Dr. D. Wayne Love (Jake Black).

I like this!

Left of Centre but wow! Hits and Exit Wounds

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