Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spotlight on the blues: BB King - Blues On The Bayou

B.B. King plays a kind of universal blues, an eveyman's blues. I know a lot of people who claim that they do not like blues music, but they like B.B. King. This makes me laugh and kind of proves my point. It really comes down to being able to tap your foot and getting into the grove.

Blues on the Bayou is a laid back, tap your foot, get into the groove kind of album. It easly puts you in the mood, and many who have heard it love it.

When he made this album Mr. King said this was a "back to basics jam ... with my conviction that this current band is my best ever." I think he hit it on the head.

Blues On The Bayou
Blues On The Bayou by B.B. King
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Track Listing

1. Blues Boys Tune 3:29
2. Bad Case Of Love 5:28
3. I'll Survive 4:52
4. Mean Ole' World 4:30
5. Blues Man 5:19
6. Broken Promise 3:34
7. Darlin' What Happened 5:26
8. Shake It Up And Go 3:10
9. Blues We Like 5:08
10. Good Man Gone Bad 3:20
11. If I Lost You 4:57
12. Tell Me Baby 3:26
13. I Got Some Outside Help I Don't Need 4:37
14. Blues In G 3:28
15. If That Ain't It I Quit 3:20

B.B. King

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