Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Downchild Blues Band

The Downchild Blues Band was formed in 1969 by Don Walsh and his brother Hock. Since the beginning, they have been a very, very good band. Over the years, there have been many personnel changes including a number of vocalists, but Don Walsh has been Mr. Downchild to us Torontonians throughout. Blues fans will know the name Downchild also from a Sonny Boy Williamson tune, Mr. Downchild. The Walsh brothers are also said to have been the inspiration for The Blues Brothers. Here's the band with Calidonia. I think that may be the late Tony Flaim on vocals.

Here's a brief clip of Dan Ackroid performing with Donnie Walsh.

I've Got Everything I Need...almost

I remember grooving to the Downchild recording of Flip Flop Fly back when I was in high school and dinosaurs were roaming the earth. Here are the boys playing it a couple years ago.

I was hoping to find some video featuring the late Jane Vasey who was Downchild's fantastic boogie pianist. Ms. Vasey died several years ago, I believe from leukemia. She really rocked those keys. I've seen some material around in the past but it seems to be gone now. Instead, you'll have to just go out and buy some Downchild CDs from that time period. Look for Got to keep my 88s straight

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