Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Release - George Harmonica Smith - Now You Can Talk About Me

Now You Can Talk About Me
According to Lars Gandil;

There's more than a few California harp players who grew up under the influence of the man who was truly the king of West Coast blues harmonica. To be sure, George "Harmonica" Smith outshone even the great Little Walter when it came to blowing chromatic harp. Sadly under-recorded and under-appreciated, Smith deserves recognition as one of the greats. This release goes a long way in rectifying that situation. Of the fourteen offerings, five are extremely rare 60s reissues, including a real rocker called "Tight Dress" and a rather haughty little number titled "Blowing the Blues." The remainders were produced by harmonica virtuoso Rod Piazza. In the mix are powerhouse blues pieces like "Goin' Down Slow" and the previously unissued "Last Chance." Top these with such unexpected gems as "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" and "Peg O' My Heart" and what you have is pure harmonica heaven.
Track Listing

1. Blowing the Blues
2. Yes, Baby
3. Tight Dress
4. Times Won't Be Hard Always
5. Good Things
6. Goin' Down Slow
7. Last Chance [#]
8. Boogie'n with George
9. Bad Start
10. Astatic Stomp
11. I Left My Heart in San Francisco
12. Sunbird
13. Chicago City
14. Peg o' My Heart

Now You Can Talk About Me features five tracks that Smith recorded in the '60s in addition to the 1982 session that Rod Piazza produced only a few months before Smith's death.

George Harmonica Smith

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