Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Release - Buddy Guy - Snakebite

Production Notes

2009 two CD release. Cobra Records was founded in 1956 by Eli Toscano, a record shop owner in Chicago. He sensibly left all the creative decisions to his in-house producer and writer Willie Dixon, who had just left Chess Records. Dixon then signed the three best second generation performers of Chicago Blues: Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Magic Sam. He wrote them some great songs and encouraged them to develop the single note guitar leads that distinguished their style.

Snakebite [IMPORT] Buddy Guy
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Disc: 1

1. OTIS RUSH - I Can't Quit You Baby
2. Sit Down Baby
3. Violent Love
4. My Love Will Never Die
5. Groaning The Blues
6. If You Were Mine
7. Love That Women
8. Jump Sister Bessie
9. Three Times A Fool
10. She's A Good 'Un
11. It Takes Time
12. Checking On My Baby
13. Double Trouble
14. Keep On Loving Me Baby
15. All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
16. Little Red Rooster
17. MAGIC SAM - All Your Love
18. Love Me With A Feeling
19. Everything Gonna Be Alright
20. Look Whatcha Done
21. All Night Long
22. All My Whole Life
23. Easy Baby

Disc: 2

1. 21 Days In Jail
2. Love Me This Way
3. Magic Rocker
4. My Love Is Your Love
5. Mr Charlie
6. Square Dance Rock Pt 1
7. Square Dance Rock Pt 2
8. Every night About This Time
9. Do The Camel Walk
10. Blue Light Boogie
11. You Don t Have To Work
12. Out Of Bad Luck
13. She Belongs To Me
14. BUDDY GUY - You Sure You Can't Do
15. This Is The End
16. I Hope You Come Back Home
17. The Way You Been Treating Me
18. Sit And Cry
19. Try To Quit You Baby
20. Good Things
21. Too Many Crooks
22. Heavy Heart Beat
23. Gods Gift To Man

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