Thursday, June 25, 2009

I want to Know

Historical footnote from Last FM

In 1960, DeSanto rose to national prominence when her single, “I Want To Know,” rose to number four on Billboard’s Hot R&B Sides chart. DeSanto continued to write & release popular songs throughout the 1960’s, including some collaborations with Etta James.

From 1959-1960, she toured with The James Brown Revue, where she was known to perform backflips on stage. DeSanto is proud to say, despite numerous propositions, she stayed professional, and claims to be the only woman in his revue who never slept with the lascivious Brown, nor any of the other “old goats” like Willie Dixon, and Muddy Waters she met on the met on the blues touring circuit while supporting her Chess recordings.

Her records were popular on the Northern Soul scene

Go Go Power - The Complete Chess Singles 1961-1966

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