Friday, January 30, 2009

Elizabeth Cotten Telling A Joke

The video that I originally posted was removed by the poster at YouTube, which is really a shame because it was a delightful story by Elizabeth Cotten. I can not tell it with the charm and charisma that she told it but here goes.

She states that she named herself, because she was never really given a formal name by her parents. They just called her Babe all her life up to that point, so when she went to school the teacher asked her what her name was. She replied that her name was Elizabeth, and that is how she named herself.

Here is another Elizabeth Cotten post Frieght Train.

And his is another video of Mrs. Cotten playing and singing and telling stories Elizabeth Cotten - Freight Train.

Elizabeth Cotten Elizabeth Cotten

Shake Sugaree
Shake Sugaree by Elizabeth Cotten
please click image for mp3 album

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