Monday, January 05, 2009

Dancin' The Boogie - Silvan Zingg, Will & Maéva

I love boogie-woogie because it is kind of a happier part of the blues. All the energy and dynamics that the blues can bring are found in Silvan Zingg's music. He has a mastery of the boogie-woogie beat that is very smooth and refined, and he also holds on to that emotionally compelling part of good blues music.

When I watch the dance video clip below I can't keep my feet from moving. And the fact that I have "boogie-woogie dance envy" also known as "BWDE" becomes obvious to anyone near me.

Dancin' The Boogie - Silvan Zingg, Will & Maéva

Dancin' the Boogie
Dancin' the Boogie by Silvan Zingg
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