Thursday, January 08, 2009

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Yardbirds - Budy Guy Video

You would think that I should just be able to post what ever I want to any of my blogs right? Well I try very hard to keep this blog just to blues, and for a while there I really only focused on the pre-war and post war blues musicians.

Then I thought, dude that is way too narrow of a concentration. You need to open up to some of the more contemporary forms of the blues and also some other styles too. Which I figure we will all enjoy. One kind of blues that I plan to post more of is British blues, which I like a lot.

Well it is back to school time, and I thought I would post the song, "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" which was written by Sonny Boy Williams I. I have always liked this song, I mean it goes way back to when I was myself a schoolboy.

Well anyway, I'm thinking that the Yardbirds are a British Rock band, so there version should do well. But it sounds a little too much like a Rock song to me so I include Buddy Guy's version which is as blues and you can get. Not that I don't love rock, but that is just not what we are about here at SML. That's all I'm saying.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Yardbirds

Buddy Guy - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

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