Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Slim Harpo

January is a very interesting month for birthdays of blues musicians. One of my favorites is Slim Harpo, who was born on 11 January 1924 and he passed away unexpectedly due to a heart attack on 31 January 1970.

One of the foremost proponents of post-war rural blues, he began performing in Baton Rouge bars under the name Harmonica Slim. He later accompanied Lightnin' Slim, his brother-in-law, both live and in the studio, before commencing his own recording career in 1957.
If you are not familiar with his music, might I recommend the mp3 CD The Best of Slim Harpo.

Track Listing

1. I'm A King Bee 3:03
2. I've Got Love If You Want It 2:47
3. Wonderin' And Worryin' 2:11
4. You'll Be Sorry One Day 2:17
5. Strange Love 2:09
6. Bobby Sox Baby 1:57
7. One More Day 2:26
8. Rainin' In My Heart 2:34
9. Blues Hangover 3:06
10. Buzzin' 2:07
11. Still Rainin' In My Heart 3:01
12. Snoopin' Around 2:16
13. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu 2:07
14. Tip On In, Part 1 2:51
15. Shake Your Hips 2:30
16. Baby Scratch My Back 2:52

Best Of Slim Harpo
Best Of Slim Harpo
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Slim Harpo @SqueezeMyLemon

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