Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Release - Joe Bonamassa - 'The Ballad of John Henry'

The Ballad of John Henry
The Ballad of John Henry by Joe Bonamassa
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All I ever hear are good things about Joe Bonamassa. He seems to be on everybodys list of favorite blues guitarist. Mine included. I caught an earful when I did not include him on my best all time blues guitartist list. But that list changes from day to day, depends on my mood, but he makes it most days.

This is the seventh studio album from Mr. Bonamassa. It was produced by Kevin Shirley of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes fame. And again Bonamassa delivers another collection of rocking Blues songs. There are six original tracks penned by Bonamassa himself on this album. And there are also six covers, including Tom Waits' 'Jockey Full Of Bourbon', Sam Brown's 'Stop' and the Newley/Bricusse penned classic 'Feelin' Good'. See track listing below.

track listing

1. The Ballad Of John Henry 6:26
2. Stop! 6:48
3. Last Kiss 7:15
4. Jockey Full Of Bourbon 5:22
5. Story Of A Quarryman 4:58
6. Lonesome Road Blues 3:06
7. Happier Times 6:40
8. Feelin' Good 4:42
9. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter 4:58
10. The Great Flood 7:38
11. From The Valley 2:23
12. As The Crow Flies 3:59

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