Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sound Boxes - Blues Music Hardware

I personally like to listen to my music through speakers, as opposed to earphones. I contrast this with how my daughter (a twenty something person) listens to her music. She is more of a headphone / earphone person.

I think we both use our laptops to listen to music more now then we had in the past. My daughter and some other young people that I know actual use their cell phones to listen to music. I find the sound quality of most phones to be too low, to really enjoy music this way. Maybe it is just me.

I am still a radio listener both in the car and at home. I also sometimes listen to radio stations using our cable TV and on the computer. I'll just put the TV on the blues radio station or tune into one of my favorite blues blogs and listen to music that way.

I purchased a set of speakers for my laptop just so I could listen to music with the computer. And it seems to work out well.

I was just thinking about this and wondered about how my readers here at SML liked to listen to music.

Well I really just wrote this to introduce the music hardware section of the SqueezeMyLemon Amazon.com store. I have gone through Amazon's catalog and picked out some music player hardware that I think will help the blues music fan listen to their music in style.

Music Hardware @SqueezeMyLemon Amazon.com Store

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