Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zora Young - Tore Up From The Floor Up

Tore Up from the Floor Up by Zora YoungZora Young is a distant relative of Howlin' Wolf. Her family moved to Chicago when she was the tender age of seven. She grew up singing gospel music at the Greater Harvest Baptist Church. As an adult she began singing blues and R&B music, and over the course of her career has played with many prominant blues musicians.

Youg has toured Europe more than thirty times, in addition to appearances in Turkey and Taiwan. She was the featured performer at the Chicago Blues Festival three times. In the clip below she is on a European TV show.

Track Listing for Tore Up from the Floor Up

1. Love Of Mine 4:30
2. Go Ahead And Take Him 6:37
3. I'm Gonna Do The Same Thing They Did To Me 5:14
4. Toxic 6:03
5. Til The Fat Lady Sings 4:51
6. Slowly 4:51
7. Ace Of Spades 3:27
8. Rainy Night In Georgia 5:32
9. Tore Up From The Floor Up 4:19
10. Since I Fell For You/Silhouettes 7:11
11. Handy Man 3:51
12. Two Trains Running 5:50
13. Interview 4:05

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