Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Wee Bit Of Introduction

It is my pleasure to introduce to you my online friend, Ron Moorby. He is a fellow blogger, a guy who in my mind has very good taste in music, among other things.

A British gentlemen who I met on line at the social networking site StumbleUpOn (though we have never met in real life), he is well traveled and wise in his selection of music.

His taste to me seem eclectic and at the same time delightful. I was just commenting to him via PM that I enjoy his perspective on music. We enjoy a lot of the same music, and he has turned me on to many new artist.

He has been contributing to my other music blog KK&R music blog for a few months now. And he never seems to run out of energy, so I suggested that he might want to post some blues with me here on SML. Not being a blues purist, he will probably lean more toward the R&B / British blues kind of music. But hey "it's all good" as we like to say.

I am hoping that he will do the same here that he does over at KK&R, which is bring his energy, his British perspective, introduce us to some new musicians, and maybe give us his view on some of the old favorites.

Ron's Blogger Profile

Ron's StumbleUponOn Profile - where you will find a very interesting collection of links to cool sites on the Internet.

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