Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maxwell Street in The Blues Brothers

Someone recently asked, "What is your favorite song from the movie The Blues Brothers."

I said that my favorite song was John Lee Hooker doing Boom Boom on Maxwell Street. I especially enjoy the ending scene when John Lee is saying that he wrote the song, and a man jumps up and says, naw you didn't. That cracks me up.

According to wikipedia;

Maxwell Street was featured in the 1980 film, The Blues Brothers, in which it was portrayed as a thriving ethnically African-American community. The scene features the two stars, "'Joliet' Jake" and "Elwood Blues" - played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd - looking for "Matt 'Guitar' Murphy" and "Lou 'Blue Lou' Marini," to get their band back together. They enter the, "Soul Food Cafe," the exterior of which is actually Nate's Deli, formerly Lyon's Deli (the interior is a set). As they are entering, John Lee Hooker is playing, "Boom Boom," on the street, and some typical street scenes can be seen, including the famous, "Cheat You Fair" sign. Once the song ends, "Jake" and "Elwood" encounter "Matt's" wife, played by Aretha Franklin. When Matt becomes excited about the band getting back together, Aretha launches into, "Think." In the end, much to Aretha's dismay, "Matt" turns his apron in and hits the road with the "Blues Brothers."

Maxwell Street, Chicago, Illinois
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Maxwell Street, Chicago, Illinois Places Giclee Poster Print, 24x18

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