Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentines Day Blues - Maria Muldaur

OK, blues fans, or should I say lovers? Yes that's right, the blues is about being in love. And sometimes being abused and misused by your lover, but that can be fun too. And fun to listen to as well.

I have been working the romantic angle in my other music blog. So I thought I would present some blues music that is romantic over here at SML.

This first romantic album, Maria Muldaur's Music for Lovers is not so much hard blues but more of a bluesy kind album that I think can set the mood for you and the person that you love. But if you would like to hear Mrs. Muldaur doing some down home blues music check her Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt doing Trouble in Mind.

So fire up some candles, throw that rug in front of the fire place, pour a couple of glasses of wine, put on some good music and make it a moment worthy of a good blues song...

Maria Muldaur's Music for Lovers
Maria Muldaur's Music for Lovers

Track Listings

1. Fanning the Flames - Maria Muldaur, Cleary, Jon
2. Think About You - Maria Muldaur, Brown, Greg
3. Latersville - Maria Muldaur, Steen, Dave
4. It Feels Like Rain - Maria Muldaur, Hiatt, John
5. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You - Maria Muldaur, Razaf, Andy
6. We Can Ley It Happen Tonight - Maria Muldaur, Burns, Chris
7. Soothe Me - Maria Muldaur, Greene, Joe
8. Talk Real Slow - Maria Muldaur, McDaniel, Lenny
9. I Wanna Be Loved - Maria Muldaur, Green, Johnny
10. Someday When We're Both Alone - Maria Muldaur, Brown, Greg
11. Southland of the Heart - Maria Muldaur, Cockburn, Bruce

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