Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shemekia Copeland: The Joy Of Singing Blues on NPR

Never Going Back
Never Going Back by Shemekia Copeland
NPR's Liane Hansen interviewed Shemekia Copeland recently Shemekia Copeland: The Joy Of Singing Blues on NPR.

She talks about her new album Never Going Back. Growing up with her famous dad, the legendary blues guitarist Johnny Clyde Copeland. She laughs often during this interview, which makes me think that she is happy. Which beleive it or not, I think helps to make some good blues music.

I also noted that she updated her MySpace photo albums, you can check them out here >> Shemekia Copeland @MySpace.

According to Ms. Hansen's interview;

Singer Shemekia Copeland knows the blues, but maintains that singing it doesn't always have to be sad.

"I think blues gets a bad rap for its name, unfortunately," Copeland says. "Blues is just like country, in that it's just telling stories. Sometimes they're sad and sometimes they're happy. I have a song on a previous record called 'I'm a Wild Woman and You're a Lucky Man.' There's nothing sad about that."
There are also links to a couple of her songs.

Shemekia Copeland


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