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Andre Williams - Agile Mobile Hostile

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As I watched this documentary titled Agile Mobile Hostile about Andre Williams, I wondered where I should post this. I mean Andre Williams is not technically a bluesman, but this guy has lived the blues to the third degree, so much so that I decided that it was best to post it here at SML.

I think the video will only be up for a week, so if you want to see it, you might want to check it out while it is still up.

In his time in the music business Mr. Williams has played many parts, he has been a recording artist, producer, songwriter, and many other things in the music business.

He was born November 1, 1936, in Chicago, IL, and was raised in a housing project by his mother, who died when Williams was six years old (which is he gives a tour of in the documentary links below).

He is best known for co-writing and producing "Twine Time" for Alvin Cash & the Crawlers, "Shake a Tailfeather" by the Five Dutones, and a greasy solo recording, "Bacon Fat," where Williams talked over a funky, crude rhythm.

He is slick, street-smart, and very dapper, like many of the bluesmen. He lived in Detroit for many years where he got his start in the music industry.

He recorded for Fortune Records, while working and playing at the clubs of Detroit, and other locals across the country. This documentary is long and in nine parts but it covers his start at Forutne Records, and you get to hear him and others talk about his music, like his hit song "Bacon Fat." He also discusses his time working for Berry Gordy at Motown from 1961 to 1965. He worked for Gordy as an artist, producer, and writer. He talks about working with Little Stevie Wonder and the run ins that led to him being fired by Gordy.

He goes on in this documentry to talk about his time spen with Ike Turner and his review. He says of that he "respected Gordy, but did not like him very much, while he had no respect for Turner but liked him a lot."

Over the years he worked with Parliament, Jesse James, Funkadelic, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Spinners, Trey Lewd (George Clinton's son), and Amos Milburn. He produced tracks for Mary Wells when she left Motown for 20th Century Fox Records.

Andre Williams no lives in Queens, NY, and is active in the music business God bless his soul. He is performing, trying to keep his health up and dazzle audiences with his music. He released many albums in the 190s, including Silky and others. His latest work from Bloodshot Records is titled, "Can You Deal With It?"

In his prime, early rock 'n' roller Andre Williams worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Ike Turner. But constant touring, drugs and run ins with the law turned this once vibrant star into a sunken ghost of his former self. This documentary-- filmed between March 2006 and July 2007-- captures the 72-year-old Williams as he deals with the effects of a lifetime of perpetual motion. Flashes of death are coupled with moments of ecstasy.

Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 1
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 2
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 3
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 4
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 5
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 6
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 7
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 8
Agile Mobile Hostile - Part 9

Silky by Andre Williams

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