Monday, March 24, 2008

Blues Piano - Day 1 - Some examples

OK, to keep this interesting I want to cover blues Piano this week. I am partial to the harmonica because I paly that instrument, but I envy piano players becasue in my mind they have real skills. Not that us harmonica players do not, but the piano has so much more to offer and the best piano blues players are real showmen.

According to Piano

The piano has earned an honored place in the history of the Blues. Though not as popular or convenient as a guitar or harmonica, the piano has carved out a deep tradition in America's music. Why the piano? Why not the trumpet, violin, tuba, or other traditional musical instruments that were available throughout the evolution of the Blues. Let's take a look at history of Blues piano.
A great point made in this article is "W.C. Handy made his name as the "Father of the Blues" by transcribing Blues music for the world to then learn." Facts like this help us to really understand what the blues have become over the years. That is why I want to explore each instrument one by one.

This article also covers the various blues piano styles. Please click links to see a YouTube video of the give style.

Ragtime - Scott Joplin - Stoptime Rag

Stride - Jelly Roll Morton - Hesitation Blues

Boogie Woogie - Albert Ammons - swanee river boogie

Chicago Style - Otis Spann - T'Aint Nobody's Business If I Do

West Coast - Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown blues

New Orleans - Make This World A Better Place

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