Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alberta Hunter Videos

YouTube has a few cool videos of Alberta Hunter. Most of them when she is older. I like "Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning" because her voice is more powerful and colorful then in some of the other videos. But having said that, you have to watch this first one, which can not be embedded. It shows what a powerful force she was.

Alberta Hunter performing "My Castles Rockin" (DVD Preview)

If she could sing like that at 82, then imagine her in her prime. This next one is kind of funny. They way only the blues can be.

'My Handy Man'

Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning

Notes from YouTube; - After a very hard youth (she ran away from home at the age of 12), Hunter managed to become one of the best and most popular entertainers of the 20's. Her discography spans the whole 20's decade and the first half of the 30's. This recording was made for Gennett on December 24th, 1924. She was accompanied by Clarence Williams' Red Onions Jazz Babies. On the label, Hunter appears under the pseudonym Josephine Beatty.

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