Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old - The Roots

The blog went over 46,000 hits sometimes yesterday. I just want to say thanks to all those who come by and visit. Sometimes I wish I had more skills and time to make this a better place for all those who come here to download an mp3 or to check out some of the videos that I post.

But I don't, and that gives me the blues. Sometimes people complain about squeezemylemon, as if I get paid to do this.

I think this video goes a long ways in explaining why I do this in the first place. Check out the whole video and make sure you visit They have some great roots, blues and folk music videos there.

Notes form YouTube
Alan Lomax's examination of the talents and wisdom of elderly musicians, singers, and story-tellers, who perform not for fame or fortune but to preserve and share their culture.
That pretty much sums it up, I do this to share my culture.

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