Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Harmonica Day 2 - James Cotton

I love the blues music of James Cotton. Probably because he is an award winning harmonica player and because he makes it look so easy. He always seems to be having fun when he is playing.

You can read his bio at the James Cotton offical web site.

James Cotton - Rocket 88

James Cotton live at a radio show in 1993

Here is a James Cotton interview in Spanish. The notes at YouTube say, "James Cotton in Buenos Aires, Argentina, few interviews during press conference."

Over at the "I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIEND" Blog, there is an impressive group of mp3s for the song "Bring it on home" by many great musicians. You should check this out, it is a great post. One of them is James Cotton doing Bring it on Home. Not sure who is doing the vocals but Mr. Cotton is doing the harmonica.

More James Cotton @ SqueezeMyLemon.

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