Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hubert Sumlin - Live blues at Delta Fish market in Chicago

Here is an interesting video featuring among others Hubert Sumlin from YouTube. Check out the notes for full details.

Notes from YouTube;

The Delta Fish Market on Chicago's West Side was the site of live blues from the late 1970s until it closed in the mid 1990s. Owned by Oliver Davis (who was himself a fine guitarist in the Elmore James style), the market imported live catfish from Mississippi on a weekly basis, selling it to the many former Mississippians who'd relocated to the area.

On weekends in the warm months there were free, informal live blues sessions that started in the afternoon and went on until late at night on a stage set up in the large parking lot, often drawing an audience of hundreds of people from the surrounding neighborhood.

Most of the major names in Chicago blues played there over the years, mainly just for the fun of playing. This clip is from the film "Hubert Sumlin - Living The Blues", and features Hubert Sumlin, Eddie Taylor, Jimmy Rogers, Sam Lay and others. The harp player may be Bill Hickey. Also seen in the crowd are Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers and Abe "Little Smokey" Smothers.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blues Music On The Go

Lately I have been thinking a lot about ways to take my music with me as I go out and about. One of the reasons that I started my mp3 blogs is because I really like the mp3 music format. But I don't like to carry several electronic devices around with me at all times. To take your music around with you it seems that you have to carry an mp3 player, and if you also carry a cellphone then that's another device that you have to lug along.

But what if you could have an mp3 player that is also a cellphone. Well of course they have those and they have been on the market for some time now. Which is what this particular post is all about.

I was not aware of it, but it seems that cellphones are all about multimedia these days. One of the more popular mp3 playing phones is the Motorola RAZR V3m Phone . Which uses the Verizon's music service. It is another EV-DO-powered service that makes the V3m a music playing phone. With V Cast Music, your phone is a music player, letting you jam your favorite blues tune wherever you are. It's also a music store, which allows you to download songs instantly to your phone wirelessly. Save your songs to a memory card with a capacity that's right for you. You can even pause to take a call without missing a beat.

Another cool phone for listening to music on is the Sony Ericsson W810i Phone. The W810i is a Walkman phone. You can play songs in MP3 or AAC format on a memory card. It also comes with a music player application with a "Music Mode" that shuts down the phone functions so you can listen on an airplane or anytime you don't want to accept calls. It has Digital Mega Bass and stereo widening to enhance your listening experience. There's an FM radio, which I think is a cool feature because I listen to a lot of radio too. The radio also supports reception of digital song information from radio stations. The phone comes with a stereo headset.

The Nokia E62 Smartphone is probably more suited for business but it also supports playback of MP3 and AAC audio files, as well as streaming and stored video files. Connect a headset, load up your tunes and videos to a memory card, and you've got some serious entertainment in your hand.

I some times wonder what the old time bluesmen would think about all this new technology. Most people probably think that these old guys probably would not have understood technology, but you have to remember that they were one the cutting edge of music in their day, and many of them were doing things with the technologies of their times, like using electric guitars for example, that were way ahead of the time. I'd like to believe that the old time bluesmen would embrace the new technologies and use them the best that they could.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

T-Bone Walker Video & mp3

I feel a little T-Bone Walker coming on.

If you would like to know about Mr. Walker please read this: T-Bone Walker @ Wikipedia.

Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong

Call Me When You Need Me

(notes @ YouTube) American Folk Blues Festival-1962 (1962-66)Vol.1
T-Bone Walker/guitar and Shakey Jake/vocal...T-Bones earliest known film performance.

T-Bone Jaming with Chuck Berry

(notes @ YouTube) T-Bone Walker sits in with Chuck Berry at the Montreux Jazz Festival. They're backed by The Aces - Dave and Louis Myers on bass and guitar, Fred Below on drums, with Lafayette Leake on piano. All in all a pretty good band!

I call that one the Gods of Guitar.

Download this mp3: Louisiana Bayou Drive. Thanks to Trees Lounge. You have to check this blog out. They have many mp3s there.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blind Willie McTell mp3s & Bob Dylan video

Willie McTell was a masterful twelve-string guitarist and singer. He recorded from 1927 to 1955. His most famous song, "Statesboro Blues" has been covered by many artists including Taj Mahal, The Allman Brothers Band, and Bob Dylan. Dylan wrote and recorded a tribute to him.

He was blind from birth, and was an adept Braille reader. He learned to play six string guitar as a child and was a very skilled musician. I love his smoth voice, his quick delivery and his excellent guitar playing.


"Mama 'Tain't Long for Day" (2:57, 517kB) - 40310-1, 18 Oct, 1927

"Statesboro Blues" (2:30, 439kB) - 47187-3, 17 Oct, 1928

"Broke Down Engine Blues" (3:08, 551kB) - 15905-1, 23 Oct, 1931


Blind Willie McTell (1898-1959) @ The New Georgia Encyclopedia

Blind Willie McTell @ Wikipedia

Blind Willie McTell Festival

Bob Dylan paying tribute to Blind Willie McTell

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Skip James & J.B. Lenoir The Soul Of A Man Videos

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.1

Songs on this video:

Blind Willie Johnson - Trouble Will Soon Be Over. This is an actor playing Blind Willie McTell.
Skip James - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Actor playing Skip James)
Alvin Youngblood Heart - Tell All My Boys

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.2

Songs on this video:

Skip James - He Is A Mighty Good Leader
Church Choir - You Better Run
J.B. Lenoir - I Want To Go
J.B. Lenoir - Voodoo Music
Los Lobos - Voodoo Music
J.B. Lenoir - God's Word
Shemika Copeland - Release Me Devil

Skip James -Soul Of A Man - Pt.3

Songs on this video:

Dick Waterman - comments
Skip James - I'd Rather Be The Devil
Dick Waterman - comments about Newport Blues festival
Skip James - Cherry Ball Blues (during a blues contest between Son House, Skip James and Bukka White.)
Dick Waterman - comments about Skip James playing style.
Skip James - Worried Blues
Skip James - I'm So Glad
Cream - I'm So Glad

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.4

Songs on this video:

Cassandra Wilson - Vietnam Blues by J.B. Lenoir
Eagle Eye Therry, Vernon Reid, David Barnes and Games "Blood" Ulner - Down In Mississippi by J.B. Lenoir

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.5

Songs on this video:

J.B. Lenoir - Alabama Blues
J.B. Lenoir - The Whale Has Swallowed Me
Skip James - Crow Jane
Blind Willie Johnson - Somebody Tell Me

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some Modern Blues - Keb Mo

I want to start featuring a few more modern bluesmen and women. There are many great blues musicians on the scene today. And I think I have been negligent in not posting info on them.

Please accept my apologies. And as a consolation, please consider one of my favorite modern bluesmen Kevin Moore (aka Keb Mo).

YouTube Videos of Keb Mo

According to the notes at YouTube this video is from the West Wings Final Episode.

Just Like You (with Bonnie Raitt)

Dirty Low Down & Bad

Keb Mo DVDs @

Reference Info

Keb Mo @ Wikipedia

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Furry Lewis - When I Lay My Burden Down video

So you want to learn how to play a guitar? Well check out Mr. Furry Lewis, a master of the blues slide guitar. Oh and don't forget to talk to your guitar. When it starts talking back to you, then you know you are there.

The below DVD features the music of
John Lee Hooker & Furry Lewis

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Late Great Freddie King

One of my jobs here at SqueezeMyLemon (I'd like to think) is turning the young on to the blues. And there are a few bluesmen who have slipped through the cracks. There are so many great blues musicians, and so little time. I feel that some blues musicians do not get the respect that they deserve.

One such bluesman is Freddie King (aka Freddy King).

Ok gather around children, gather around. We are fixin to listen to some blues music (when I say "fixin" I don't mean like fixin a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is a different meaning of that verb all together. I mean getting ready to).

And if you do not consider yourself to be one of the children, then go and get a child and let them listen to this. They might want to learn how to play a guitar after listening and watching these videos. Because the late great Mr. King could play the "expletive deleted" out of a guitar. He was an excellent singer and composer too. Just an over-all great bluesman.

And If you yourself aspire to play the blues you might want to take notes on these. This is the way they used to do it back when Freddie King was on the scene.

The below video is just too delightful for words really, note the bongo player. Can't say I've ever seen a bongo player in a blues band before. But hey, he seems to be grooving.

And as for the question, "Have you ever loved a woman?"

I have to admit that I have and still do, "so much that it is a shame and a sin."

Have you ever loved a Woman


Aint Nobody´s Business


Freddie King: Ain`t No Sunshine When She`s Gone.


Hide Away

Boogie Funk


Freddie King


San Ho Zay

I'm Tore Down

The above video all come off (I believe) the below DVDs



Freddie King @ wikipedia

Freddie King THE TEXAS CANNONBALL Official fan site.

Freddie King Article @

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

James Cotton Video

James Cotton Says, "Some People have the blues and don't even know it." Check out this cool video of one of my favorite harmonica players.

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