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Elam McKnight


Elam McKNight hails from West Tennessee and this is evident in the raw, soulful style in which he plays Blues, from the heart and soul, uncorrupted. Elam grew up in the small farming town of Yorkville, TN and began playing guitar after he heard Robert Johnson.

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Last Fair Deal Gone Down [Remastered] ROBERT JOHNSON (1936)

Sometimes you just need a dose of Robert Johnson

It's the last fair deal goin' down,
last fair deal goin' down
It's the last fair deal goin' down, good Lord,
on that Gulfport Island Road1

Please, Ida Belle, don't cry this time
Ida Belle, don't cry this time
If you cry about a nickel, you'll die 'bout a dime
She wouldn't cry, but the money won't mine

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Time after Time - Cassandra Wilson

"Time After Time" is a song by American singer Cyndi Lauper, released as the second single from her album She's So Unusual. It reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart on June 9, 1984,and remained there for two weeks. Worldwide, the song is her most commercially successful single after "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

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Dana Gillespie - Andy Warhol 2010

Official site

"I believe the blues should be sung by an older person because it's about emotions and experience. I couldn't do
justice to it when I was younger because my voice didn't have the edge it needed to convey the emotion, nor did I
have the first hand experience to sing about blue themes convincingly."

But after 45 years in music and over 60 albums Dana Gillespie is well qualified to sing the blues. A career that combined radio, theatre, film and sport (she was once British junior water-skiing champion) with music, Dana has been in the public eye since recording her first album at the age of 15. Her music has evolved from folk in the 60s through 70s Bowie-esque glam-rock to the raunchy in-your-face blues she performs today.

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The Jealous Kind

I'm just the Jealous Kind, friends. Here's Clarence Frogman Henry telling it like it is...

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Connie Lush - UK Blues Singer

Official site

Connie Lush is widely recognised as one of the finest blues singers that the United Kingdom has ever produced.

That indisputable fact was acknowledged when she was voted Best UK Female Vocalist by readers of Blues In Britain for 5 separate years, earning a richly deserved place in the Gallery of the Greats.

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Matt Andersen - Second Time Around

Matt Andersen is a Canadian blues guitarist - in January 2011 he won the Maple Blues Awards Entertainer of the Year and Acoustic Act of the Year

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Paul Lamb - Blues harmonica

Paul Lamb is a British blues harmonica player and bandleader. He has had a four decade long career as a blues harmonicist and bandleader, with fans around the world

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Otis Grand - Hipster Blues 2007

Well he is due to issue a new album but a reflection on his music will have to do until then

From his official web site

Otis Grand has pioneered the big band blues sound over the last few years, starting with a West Coast R&B band and now moving into his present guitar led Big City style Blues. For the past ten years Otis has recieved a number of Awards including UK BLUES GUITARIST OF THE YEAR ( 1990- 96), Best Blues Albums, Best Band, and nominations to the prestigious W.C. HANDY BLUES Awards in Memphis, Tenn.Surely testimony enough of the man's ability and dedication to the Blues.

Spoonful - Willie Dixon


"Spoonful" is a blues standard written by Willie Dixon and first recorded in 1960 by Howlin' Wolf. It is loosely based on "A Spoonful Blues", a song recorded in 1929 by Charley Patton (Paramount 12869), itself related to "All I Want Is A Spoonful," a 1925 recording by Papa Charlie Jackson, and Luke Jordan's Cocaine Blues (1927). "Spoonful" has been interpreted and recorded by a variety of artists. Wolf's "Spoonful" has been acknowledged by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone magazine, and the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame.

The Hoax - British Blues


In 1995, the British Blues Connection presented them with the award for Blues Band Of The Year and Blues Album Of The Year. A second album, Unpossible , was released on Code Blue in 1996, before the band founded their own record label, Credible Records, and released arguably their finest album Humdinger in 1998 with new drummer Mark Barrett. As this album rode a wave of critical acclaim and commercial success, the band hit the peak of their powers on stage too, performing sell-out shows all over Europe, and opening for the great BB King, among others.

With the blues world at their feet, The Hoax disbanded at the end of 1999 to pursue their own individual projects, but this year they are reuniting to play a handful of live shows around Europe.

excellent version

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Crying in the Chapel

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Get Shakey