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Martha Davis - Boogie

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Bird: Charlie Parker aka Yardbird

 Charlie Parker was a bebop genius.  Any favourites?

Official Site
Nickname origin: There are two stories.
1. He lived "free as a bird."
2. When touring with Jay McShann, they accidentally hit a chicken (a yardbird) with their car and Parker made them stop to pick it up so he could have his landlady cook it for him.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mike Farris - The Night the Cumberland Came Alive

In May 2010, after the devastating floods of Middle Tennessee, Mike gathered up some "A" list Nashville musicians to record a charity EP entitled The Night the Cumberland Came Alive. Recorded in 6 hours at the historic Downtown Presbyterian Church the six song EP consisted of music inspired by the early jug bands and pre-war era of roots gospel, blues and country. Dubbed Mike Farris and the Cumberland Saints, proceeds of the project were donated to benefit the victims of the flood via the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Cumberland Saints line up featured: Sam Bush, Ketch Secor and Gill Landry from Old Crow Medicine Show, Bryon House, Kenny Vaughan along with members of the Roseland Rhythm Revue and the McCrary Sisters.
A bio can be read on his official website here

Friday, July 20, 2012

Banga Patti Smith

Listen to Patti going through each track at her web site

.... I've noticed that once a pop musician turns older than 60 — Smith is 65 — the by-now-idiotic, almost-meaningless word "icon" is attached to the musician in reviews like a leech. The word sucks out the complexity of the artist, if he or she is an interesting one, and replaces it with banal compliments. Thus this marvelously uneven, frequently transporting new album ....
Banga is the 65-year-old's 11th album, one of the most satisfying of her latterday career. A performance poet before she ever got a band together, Smith's electrified presence and aggressive, incantatory style – part Dylan, part Jersey girl – have always aspired to a frequency that you might call sacred, if that word hadn't been sullied by the so-called new age. "Oh crown of wind, two royal leopards run with him," she murmurs on Seneca as circuitous guitar tones set out a mantric path. Out of context it might read like sophomoric poeticism, but like every song Smith sings it comes to the ear like a spell.

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Weather Report – Birdland

Tamikrest - Wonderful Music


Tamikrest (Tamashek for junction, alliance, the future) is a group of musicians who belong to the Tuareg people. The band was founded in 2006.[1] They mix traditional African music with Western rock and pop influences and sing in Tamashek. Main songwriter and leader of the band is Ousmane Ag Mossa. Their music is characterized by electric guitars and vocals, youyous, bass, drums, djembé and other percussion instruments.
Official site

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Sugar Pie DeSanto


Riding on the back of Tommy Tucker's "High-Heeled Sneakers," "Slip-in Mules" described how sneakers hurt De Santo's feet, but not to worry: She'd be the hit of the dance anyway. Then the hits kept coming: "Use What You Got" and another song about clothing. "Soulful Dress" is probably Sugar Pie DeSanto's best-known song these days, not least because Texas singer Marcia Ball has had it in her set for years, but it also established DeSanto's persona: an assertive young woman who took no mess.

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Vintage Howlin' Wolf Tee Shirt

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John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt I'm in the mood

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Mr M - Lambchop


.... Lambchop is loosely associated with the alternative country genre. The music website Allmusic refers to them as "arguably the most consistently brilliant and unique American group to emerge during the 1990s"
If Lambchop's music bears some essential ambition, it's to marry ambivalence and sentimentality.
There’s Sinatra swing to Lambchop’s latest, but it’s a twisted take on a new style.

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Rosco Gordon

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Duke: Duke Ellington

One of the jazz greats - lots of written critiques and glorious music on the internet - a particularly hard choice to take a small sample


A major figure in the history of jazz, Ellington's music stretched into various other genres, including blues, gospel, film scores, popular, and classical .... Due to his inventive use of the orchestra, or big band, and thanks to his eloquence and extraordinary charisma, he is generally considered to have elevated the perception of jazz to an art form on a par with other traditional genres of music ...
At the age of seven, Ellington began taking piano lessons from Marietta Clinkscales. Daisy surrounded her son with dignified women to reinforce his manners and teach him to live elegantly. Ellington’s childhood friends noticed that "his casual, offhand manner, his easy grace, and his dapper dress gave him the bearing of a young nobleman", and began calling him Duke. Ellington credited his "chum" Edgar McEntree for the nickname. "I think he felt that in order for me to be eligible for his constant companionship, I should have a title. So he called me Duke."
The Official website is comprehensive with all you would expect including details about the orchestra

Betty Wright & The Roots


possesses a four-octave vocal range and is adept at using the whistle register.

Corey Harris and Keb' Mo

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Blind John Davis

Lila Downs - World Music

.... a Mexican singer-songwriter. She performs her own compositions as well as tapping into Mexican traditional and popular music. She also incorporates indigenous mexican influences and has recorded songs in indigenous languages such as mixtec, zapotec, maya, nahuatl and p'urhépecha.

Delightful stuff - what do you think?

Willie King

Willie King (March 18, 1943 – March 8, 2009) was an award-winning blues guitarist and singer, known for shunning fame and playing at a local bar in Mississippi

Sunday, July 01, 2012

It's the Birthday of Willie Dixon

I Am The Blues

click above image

William James "Willie" Dixon (July 1, 1915 – January 29, 1992) was a well-known American blues bassist, singer, songwriter, arranger and record producer.

Willie Dixon has got to be one of the most complete bluesmen of all time, he wrote, was a side man for, and produced some of the best blues out there.

The above album is one of my favorite by him because it is him preforming his own songs. And for lack of a better word all I can say is that it is wonderful.

Willie Dixon MP3s @