Saturday, September 29, 2007

Request From Down Under For Bessie Smith

A reader from Australia said, "I love reading your blog! As an Australian it's somewhat a gateway to a subculture of American blues."

This kind of jarred me out of this malaise that I am in (notice no updates since I don't know when).

He went on to request some Bessie Smith mp3s (because my old links are broken), though I am too lazy to actually post some myself or fix the broken links, I can oblige by doing a search and reporting my results and linking to them.

Over at the cool blog Badminton Stamps you can find an mp3 to one of my favorite Bessie Smith songs "Take Me For a Buggy Ride." I don't think this song is really about riding in a buggy, kind of like this blog is not named after the act of making lemon aid ;)

Speaking of Lemons, I now call Mrs. F my lemon. So it gives a whole nother meaning to "Squeeze My Lemon."

More links to blogs that have some Bessie Smith mp3s;

Louis Armstrong w/King Oliver featuring Bessie Smith - Big Butter and Egg Man
Album: High Society
Posted at: Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelatons

Bessie Smith - Hustlin' Dan
Album: Moistworks Dan
Posted at: Moistworks

Bessie Smith
- Graveyard Dream Blues
- Down Hearted Blues
- Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do

Albums: Various
Posted at: Doors Of The Kingdom. This is an excellent post, you have to check it out, great write up and many mp3 links to download.

And finally, YouTube has some good Bessie Smith Links you can check them out here. Make sure you check out the "St. Louis Blues" Video, it is too cool. Also of note is the video, Careless love blues.

One of my favorite videos over at YouTube about Bessie Smith is not a song by Bessie Smith, but it is a song about Bessie Smith:

Norah Jones performs The Band's "Bessie Smith"