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Adele - 19

Adele is currently one of my favourite contemporary singers - she certainly crosses genres and I look forward to her new album due to be released in January.


.... This is why it's such a shock that it's a genuinely touching, maturely considered and brilliantly sung opus that belies her titular age. Listening to it for the first time is the aural equivalent of walking into one of those oh-so-quirky little bars that you expect to be filled with bland scenesters and discovering that everyone within is friendly and they're serving the finest soul food to fill you up with.

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Live at the Ryman - Jon T. Lang

01 – One Person At A Time
02 – Bump In The Road
03 – Turn Around
04 – Give Me Up Again
05 – A Quitter Never Wins
06 – Red Light (Band Intros)
07 – Red Light
08 – Don’t Stop (For Anything)
09 – Thankful
10 – I Am
11 – Breakin’ Me
12 – Lie To Me

Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen

Good Interview

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Blues for a Hip King - Abdullah Ibrahim 1998

Blues for a Hip King is a Jazz album by South African artist Abdullah Ibrahim.

1. "Ornette's Cornet" - 5:23
2. "All Day & All Night Long" - 5:28
3. "Sweet Basil Blues" - 6:21
4. "Blue Monk" (Monk) - 6:06
5. "Tsakwe Here Comes the Postman" - 11:45
6. "Blues for a Hip King" - 9:47
7. "Blues for B" - 3:27
8. "Mysterioso" (Monk) - 4:41
9. "Just You, Just Me" (Greer, Klages) - 4:59
10. "Eclipse at Dawn" - 4:02
11. "King Kong" (Todd Matshikiza) - 5:24
12. "Khumbula Jane" - 5:55

Van Morrison – Warm Love - HD

PJ Harvey - Blues

P J Harvey 'Highway 61 Revisited' Outlaws Blues Volume Two - A Tribute to Bob Dylan on Vimeo from Gerri Sferrazza on Vimeo.

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Busted Broken & Blue - 24 Pesos

Good stuff, just listen

Here’s a great album from four-piece London band, 24Pesos – 11 tracks that straddle many genres – a heady mix of blues, funk and soul, with a touch of hip-hop thrown in – all-in-all a very modern blues album, with some ‘old school’ influences on board, and all self-penned by Julian Burdock, who features on vocals, guitar and harmonica.

In Our Time... Live - Snowy White Blues Project

Snowy White is an English guitarist, known for having played with Thin Lizzy (permanent member from 1979 to 1981) and with Pink Floyd (as a back-up player; he was first invited to tour with the band through Europe and the United States, in 1977, and during The Wall shows in 1980) and, more recently, for Roger Waters' band.


Definitely one for the guitar fans . . . over 70 minutes of quality blues, sometimes with a rocky edge, all of top quality, delivered by four very fine musicians.

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Coltrane Plays the Blues - John Coltrane

Coltrane Plays the Blues is an album by jazz musician John Coltrane. It was released in 1962 by Atlantic Records
1. "Blues To Elvin"
2. "Blues To Bechet"
3. "Blues To You"
4. "Mr. Day"
5. "Mr. Syms"
6. "Mr. Knight"
7. "Untitled Original" ("Exotica")

Joe Louis Walker - Just enjoy

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The Wire: Solomon Burke- Fast Train

and the opening credits - Tom

Best TV series ever?

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Various Artists — Wang Dang Doodle

Neither Willie Dixon or Howlin' liked it - but we all know it

We gonna to break out all of the windows,
we gonna kick down all the doors
We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long
All night long, All night long, All night long

Hillbilly blues Kevin Welch,Kieran Kane,Fats Kaplin

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Don Van Vliet, AKA Captain Beefheart RIP

Mr. Van Vliet was 69.

TAJ MAHAL – Everybody Got To Change Sometime (1968)

Genuine Negro Jig - Carolina Chocolate Drops

One of my favourite albums of 2010


Carolina Chocolate Drops are one of the last exponents of Piedmont string’n’jug band music, an African-American rural style dating back to the early 20th century from the Piedmont Plateau, essentially the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

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BB King Stevie Ray Vaughan Etta James - Midnight Hour

Patty Griffin – Top of the World

I wished I was smarter
Wished I was stronger
I wished I loved Jesus
The way the my wife does

I wished it'd been easier
Instead of any longer
I wished I could've stood
Where you would've been proud
That won't happen now
That won't happen now

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Omar Sosa - Ceremony 2010


Sosa began studying marimba at age eight, then switched to piano at the Escuela Nacional de Musica in Havana, where he studied jazz. Sosa moved to Quito, Ecuador in 1993, then San Francisco, California in 1995. In San Francisco he became deeply involved in the local Latin jazz scene and began a long collaboration with percussionist John Santos.

Popmatters 8/10
Once again, Omar Sosa has produced a distinct take on world jazz while renewing his own exploratory project, all within the carefully orchestrated confines of ritual space and time-honored practice.

The Cuban pianist-composer realizes a personal dream in this collaboration with his quartet and Germany’s 18-piece NDR Big Band. Sosa’s moving compositions organically blend Afro-Cuban sensibilities with jazz while Jaques Morelenbaum’s intricate arrangements augment the material (previously recorded on Sosa’s 1999 outing Spirit of the Roots) with elegance and lavishness.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Here's a few pieces featuring the late Mike Bloomfield. The first one is The Electric Flag.

And with Junior Wells...

And from a great record called Super Session from 1968, with Stephen Stills and Al Kooper.

Finally with a very electric Bob Dylan at Newport in 65.

So sad that Bloomfield checked out so early of a drug overdose. He didn't even make 40.

Wilson Pickett- Everybody needs someone to Love

Unsilent Night 2008: East Village Hit With Ambient Boom-Box Symphony

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy - Hoochie Coochie Man

Aretha Franklin - Best Wishes

I am affected and upset by the news of Aretha's pancreatic cancer - I wish her the best of luck.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Brian Protheroe — No Snow Blues

I like this a lot!

'Christmas Tree Blues' CHARLEY JORDAN (1935) Blues Guitar Legend

His Best (Chess 50th Anniversary Collection) Little Walter


Everyone who fancies themselves a blues harmonica player should have this one in their collection as a textbook instructional tool, while the rest of us can just bask in the glow of his genius. "Essential first purchase" doesn't even begin to describe it.

  1.  "Juke"
  2.  "Can't Hold Out Much Longer"
  3.  "Mean Old World"
  4.  "Sad Hours" Instrumental
  5.  "Tell Me Mama"
  6.  "Off the Wall" Instrumental
  7.  "Blues with a Feeling"
  8.  "You're So Fine"
  9.  "Too Late" (Willie Dixon)
  10.  "Last Night"
  11. "Mellow Down Easy" (Dixon)
  12.  "My Babe" (Dixon)
  13.  "Roller Coaster" (Ellas McDaniel) Instrumental
  14. "Hate to See You Go"
  15.  "It Ain't Right"
  16.  "Boom, Boom Out Goes the Light" (Stan Lewis)
  17.  "Confessin' the Blues"
  18.  "Key to the Highway" (Big Bill Broonzy)
  19.  "Everything Gonna Be Alright"
  20.  "Just Your Fool"

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Little Smokey Smothers - Chicago Blues

Louisiana Red & Michael Messer

Robben Ford - Live From The Archive

Official website

Robben Ford is one of the premiere electric guitarists today, particularly known for his blues playing as well as his ability to be comfortable in a variety of musical contexts. A five-time Grammy nominee, he has played with artists as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Witherspoon, Miles Davis, George Harrison, Phil Lesh, Bonnie Raitt, Claus Ogerman, Michael McDonald, Bob Dylan, John Mayall, Greg Allman and many others

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Jimmy Rushing — Goin’ To Chicago

Jimmy Rushing, Count Basie, Ben Webster et al - what more do you want?

Blue Alert - Anjani
Read the full review

Honolulu-born singer-songwriter Anjani's story is the stuff of great fiction. After playing the New York jazz club circuit for years, she was introduced to celebrated Canadian poet, author, and songwriter Leonard Cohen. Immediately drawn to her talents, he brought her onboard as a keyboardist and vocalist, where she provided some background work on a number of his CDs. After finding a few lines of Cohen's handwritten lyrics lying on his desk one day (specifically "there's perfume burning in the air/bits of beauty everywhere"),..... Fans of the legendary Canadian writer will likely be charmed by these minimalist numbers, and enjoy this new extension of his artistic reach. --Denise Sheppard

  1. "Blue Alert" – 5:39
  2. "Innermost Door" – 3:16
  3. "The Golden Gate" – 3:08
  4. "Half the Perfect World" – 4:06
  5. "Nightingale" – 3:00
  6. "No One After You" – 4:09
  7. "Never Got to Love You" – 4:36
  8. "The Mist" – 3:08
  9. "Crazy to Love You" – 4:51
  10. "Thanks for the Dance" – 4:38
All songs written by Anjani Thomas (music) and Leonard Cohen (lyrics). The album was released in Canada on May 2, in USA on May 19, and in Europe on June 5, 2006, by Columbia Records. It debuted at #16 of Billboard's Top 200 Jazz Albums.

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Betty Harris - Soul Queen of New Orleans

I've been listening to Soul the last few days so you'll have to excuse me if I indulge my delight in one or two really good singers.

Wikipedia says

Betty ..... is an American Soul Singer. Her recording career in the 1960s produced three hit records that made the Billboard R&B and pop charts: "Cry to Me" (1963), "His Kiss" (1964) and "Nearer to You" (1967). However, her reputation among soul music connoisseurs far exceeds her commercial success of the 1960s, and her recordings for the Jubilee and Sansu record labels are highly sought after in the 2000s by fans of Northern Soul and Deep Soul.

Hokie Joint - Taking the Blues to the Masses

Band Web Site

"Best Band" Category Winners - Digital Blues Awards 2009/2010
"A promising blueprint for the future" - Tony Russell, MOJO Magazine, 2010
"A British quintet that brings throbbing/roaring groovy neo blues." - MG, Guitarist Magazine (NL), 2009

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John's Idea

I stumbled across this interview with John Hammond - not the blues singer, but his father, the producer and "catalytic agent" of the swing era. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Irma Thomas — River Is Waiting

One heck of a voice

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True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series 2

1. Howlin' For My Baby - Ward, M.
2. Evil (Is Going On) - Everett, Jace & C.C. Adcock
3. Bad Blood - Beck
4. How To Become Clairvoyant - Robertson, Robbie
5. Shake And Fingerpop - Jr. Walker & The All Stars
6. Frenzy - Hawkins, Screamin' Jay
7. Kiss Like Your Kiss - Williams, Lucinda & Elvis Costello
8. Gasoline And Matches - Miller, Buddy & Julie
9. You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp) - Prophet, Chuck
10. You're Gonna Miss Me - 13th Floor Elevators
11. Fresh Blood - Eels
12. Forgotten People - Thievery Corporation
13. New World In My View - King Britt & Sister Gertude Morgan
14. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' - Dylan, Bob



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Mable John - Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That

An American blues vocalist who was the first female to be signed by Berry Gordy to Motown's Tamla label.