Monday, October 13, 2008

New Release Paul Reddick – Sugarbird

Paul Reddick Sugarbird
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Paul Reddick – Sugarbird (Northern Blues Music)

I like Canadian bluesman Paul Reddick not just because he is a talented songwriter, but he is a harmonica player as well, which means he has a special place in my heart, like many other blusemen who are harp players.

I like how he seems to be well grounded in the blues, going all the way back to the beginning for some of his inspiration and influences. His last couple of albums were well received and they made a statement that he is a real bluesman.

I am hoping that his upcoming Northern Blues release Sugarbird will provide more confirmation of his skills. (Release date: 10/14/08)

Paul Reddick

I'm a Criminal - Paul Reddick + The Sidemen

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