Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Release Lil' Dave Thompson – Deep In The Night (Electro-Fi Records)

Lil' Dave Thompson – Deep In The Night (Electro-Fi Records)

Dave Thompson, who is an not very well known, will release Deep In The Night, his second album for the Electro-Fi Records label, in late-October. Backed by his hard-working road band, the collection hopefully will bring the Mississippi Delta blues guitar work the young musician is becoming known for.

According to Lil';

David Lonzo Thompson was born in Hinds County, Mississippi May 21, 1969. Lil Dave's exposure to music came early and has always been a way of life. His father, the late Sam Thompson played with Willie Foster, Asie Payton, Paul Wine Jones, Eddie Cusic, James Son Thomas and others.

Lil Dave's list of influences reads like an anthology of the blues. His family was burned out in legendary Moorhead, MS (Where the Yellow Dog Crosses the Southern) and moved to B.B. Kings hometown of Indianola, MS. But it was in Leland, MS, (Hellhole of the Delta) and home of James "Son" Thomas and other blues legends that Dave, at the age of 14, formed his first band. He, along with drummer, Dell Cusic and bass player, Allen Hite called themselves The Delta Blues Band. As a teenager, Dave played with various blues, Rand B, Reggae, and gospel bands in the delta area until he met and toured with the late Booba Barnes in 1990.
(Release date: 10/21/08)

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