Friday, July 18, 2008

Nathan James and Ben Hernandez: Hollerin'

So I'm sitting in the car waiting on the wife, while she is getting a check up. I'm listening to one of my favorite radio stations here in San Diego and this smoking blues band comes on. And to my surprise, they are from San Diego, and I have never heard of them.

These guys got real skills, they play traditional insturments, acoustic and electric guitars, washboards, harmonicas, jugs and other traditional instruments.

Nathan James, sings and plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica and Ben Hernandez, sings and plays harmonica, jug, washtub bass, washboard and kazoo.

If you would like to listen to the radio broadcast that I heard click here.

The three videos below are an amazing performance by the duo who were winners at the 2007 International Blues Competition! According to the notes at YouTube these were recorded at The New Daisy by The Blues Society on Taiwan.

Nathan James & Ben Hernandez Pt 1

Nathan James & Ben Hernandez Pt 2

Nathan James & Ben Hernandez Pt 3

Visit the Official Nathan James & Ben Hernandez website for downloads of their music, pictures, videos and info on where you can see them play.

Click to hear sample mp3s

Their CDs @


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