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A Conversation with Albert Collins Video

Albert Collins in Concert

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I was looking at the list of blues musicians that have written about and I realized that I have never posted anything by Albert Collins. Can you believe that, well I can't. I guess it is another case of so many great bluesmen, and so little time.

I stumbled upon this very cool video of Mr. Collins playing live and thought you too might enjoy it.

Albert Collins was born on October 1, 1932 and he passed away on November 24, 1993. He was a Texas based blues guitarist, singer and musician. He had many nicknames, such as "The Ice Man", "The Master of the Telecaster" and "The Razor Blade".

Albert Collins, Conversation with... (ft. Barrelhouse Live)

Notes from YouTube - You have to see this! Albert Collins talking to his lady, who's answering in a very typical way. Being a fan of Barrelhouse, I'm always looking for something relevant. And look what I've found today!

Albert Collins playing with Barrelhouse on Febr. 2nd 1978. Recorded by Sesjun / TROS, Dutch television. At the time, recording was released on the album "Albert Collins & Barrelhouse Live" and nowadays available on CD too.

Mr. Collins is remembered for his awesome live shows. I really like the following stories which were quoted in the Wikipedia entry on Albert Collins;

Collins will be remembered not only for the quantity of quality blues music that he put out throughout his career that has inspired so many other blues musicians, but also for his legendary live performances, where he would frequently come down from the stage and mingle with the audience whilst still playing.[1] This practice was illustrated in Collins' uncredited cameo appearance in the film Adventures in Babysitting. He insisted to Elisabeth Shue that "nobody leaves this place without singin' the blues", forcing the children to improvise a song before escaping.

Another instance of Collins' humorous stage presence was recounted in the film documentary, Antones: Austin's Home of the Blues. Collins left the building, still plugged in and playing. Several minutes after Collins returned to the stage, a pizza delivery man came in and gave Collins the pizza he had just ordered when he left the building. Collins had gone to Milto's Pizza & Pasta through an adjoining alley and ordered while he was still playing.

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