Saturday, March 12, 2016

Got those politician blues.

I usually follow a rule that my mother taught me, don't discuss politics or religion in public.  And since this is a music blog, mostly, that rule is easy to follow.  Unless you like all those Gospel videos I have posted over the years.

So anyway, one of my favorite blues harmonica mentors and all around blues musician Adam Gussow  posted a political post on Facebook.

While I would much rather listen to him playing his harmonica, or jamming the blues I thought he made an interesting point here >>> Adam's Post On Trump Being a Singularity.

It makes for a cool read, and he also posted a video with two of my heroes Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ray Kurzweil.  One for physics (which is probably my religion) and computer science (which is my other religion).

Come to think of it, Adam should be commended just for getting those three gentlemen in one post. (OK, Trump might not be a gentlemen, LOL).

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