Monday, May 18, 2009

“Stomp the Blues Tonight”

A link here to brucebears - get your feet tapping. Duke Robillard's web site here - full of terrific stuff

To Stomp

jazz dance featuring heavy stamping of the feet derivative of Africanist dance movement vocabularies - or then again

Some advance news - this album is out in the UK in early June and the vibes are good.

A welcome recent comment
Don't forget the best chicken picker around! Duke Robillard!!!

Bruce Bears here (you may remember me as Toni Lynn Washington’s producer/keyboardist/general handyman…). I’ve been playing with The Duke Robillard Band for a while now and have to give you a heads up on the bands new CD “Stomp the Blues Tonight”… I feel it’s the best CD I’ve played on yet in my career, and I think it may stand up as one of Duke’s best ever! I’m not hyping you either… ”

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