Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going Down Slow: A Compliation

I have always thought that the blues standard Going Down Slow is one of the saddest songs of all time.

Some of my favorite lines from this song are;

"Please write my mother and tell her the shape that I'm in"

"Don't send no doctor, cause the doctor can't do me no good"

Please consider these versions;

mp3s of Going Down Slow

Going Down Slow by Little Walter.

Going Down Slow by B.B. King.

Going Down Slow by Johnny Winter.

Going Down Slow by Muddy Waters.

Going Down Slow by Howlin' Wolf.

I better stop now, because there are so many great versions of this song. My favorite which I can not find a video of is BB King and Bobby Blue Bland's version. Good stuff.

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