Friday, May 29, 2009

One Man Band

The last time I saw a one man band perform, it was Johnny Lowebow at his shop in Memphis. I don't know exactly if you'd call this blues, but certainly it is squarely in a blues tradition. Here he is playing Katrina Dog.

Johnny Lowebow is by no means unique as a cigar-box guitar player. There's quite a strong tradition happening exploring these home-made instruments. Here's Dr. Oakroot.

Another fantastic one man band was Joe Hill Louis. He was recorded commercially for Sun in Memphis in the 50s. I love his groove. Here's the Hydramatic Blues. Great title!

Another well-known one man band is Jesse Lone-Cat Fuller. He's famous for San Francisco Bay Blues, but I quite like this version of John Henry. Mr. Fuller invented an instrument he called the fotdella, a foot-operated percussion bass that used six bass strings a body, foot pedals and padded hammers. Great idea.

Let's go out with Mike Whellans, human juke box.

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