Saturday, May 09, 2009

Harmonica Web Site in the Spotlight

I recently wrote a post on some of the great YouTube tutorials for harmonica players. And I was contacted by Tony Eyers who operates the web site Harmonica Academy. I was pleased to hear from him because I think harmonica fans will want to check his site out.

According the his bio;

Tony was born in Australia and began playing harmonica in the 1970's, inspired by Jim Fitting while studying at Yale University. He returned to Australia in the 1980's, and became a well known blues player.
I spent some time going through his web site and I really like the instruction provided there. Very easy to understand, includes harmonica tabs as well as sound files that help you understand how the riffs being taught should sound.

Each lesson builds on past lessons. And even though I have been playing for years and have looked at a lot of different instruction methods I got a lot of good information from going through his instructions. And plan to go back often.

For example he has some blues harmonica lessons that I really enjoyed. The advanced lesson gave me some insights into the blues scale that I had not considered;

First blues harmonica lesson

Intermediate blues lesson

Blues Scale - Advance Blues Lesson 9

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Black Mountain Harmonica

Black Mountain Harmonica by Tony EyersTony also has a folk music CD out, if you would like to hear some of his music just click on the image to the left and listen to the mp3 samples provided.

This mp3 album includes a number of jigs, reels and rags. Tony's music is unique, quite pleasing and kind of makes me want to dance. LOL, at the thought of me dancing, and a jig no doubt, but it does have that effect on me. Gets my foot to tapping.

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