Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jumping aboard

I want to thank Fitz for inviting me to post on SqueezeMyLemon! Some of you may know me from my regular hang-out. I live in Toronto Ontario Canada and for my first post here, I'd like to celebrate a local performer who has performed over the years with the likes of Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, John Hammond, Spencer Davis and Willy DeVille. In Toronto just about everybody I know has been at a Paul James Band show at some point or another. I first saw him perform at a club called Nags Head North back sometime in the early 80s. His band opened for and backed up the amazing Bo Diddley. I should also mention that The Paul James band also played at my wedding to the lovely Tuffy P back in 2001.

Here's Paul James showing what he can do with the Bo Diddley riff.

Joint out Back

By the way, the bass player for The Paul James Band for many many years was the late Brian Kipping. Those of us involved in the art scene in Toronto knew Brian as a fabulous painter as well as a fine musician.

Finally, here's a blues called Mean and Evil

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