Monday, August 04, 2008

Driftin' Slim Photographic Print

Driftin' Slim and his Blues Band - Somebody Hoo-doo'd the Hoo-doo Man
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According to Wikipedia;
Driftin' Slim (February 24, 1919 – September 15, 1977[1]) was an African American blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player.

Born Elmon Mickle in Keo, Arkansas, he not only recorded as Driftin' Slim, but also as Model 'T' Slim and under his real name. His recordings were released on the - amongst others - Modern, RPM, Blue Horizon, Styletone, Milestone, Kent, and Flyright record labels.

By the turn of the 1970s, ill health had forced Slim to retire from the music industry and when he died, a chapter of American music — that of the one-man band — had virtually died with him. Slim passed away in Los Angeles, California, in September 1977

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