Monday, February 18, 2008

Memphis Minnie - Videos and mp3s

Yesterday I posted a Memphis Minnie video clip and it dawned on me that I have not posted anything about her, or any other of my favorite female blues musicians, in a while. A couple of years to be exact, in the case of Memphis Minnie.

Well I thought, I better do something about that.

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The below videos are so cool I almost don't have words to tell you how delightful they are. First they were placed on YouTube by Dan Chlipala. They are the marriage of Memphis Minnie's music and vintage photos that fit so well with the music. I think Dan has done a great job on these. Please take a look at them and visit his YouTube Blog via the link above, where you will find many more cool videos.

Keep On Eatin

Down In The Alley

Have You See My Rooster

Mp3s for your listening pleasure;

Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - "When the Levee Breaks" mp3

"Where is My Good Man At" mp3

Trail of The HellHound Bio for Memphis Minnie

Listen to a sample of "Bumble Bee Blues" (1.78MB wav)

Listen to a sample of "Soo Cow Soo" (2.01MB wav)

Guys like a girl who can play a guitar, and by all accounts Memphis Minnie could play it as well if not better then many of the men on the blues scene of her day. Take a listen to her music and read up on her history to get a picture of this blues great who played an important roll in shaping the music that we listen today.

Just the fact that she wrote and played "When The Levee Breaks", a 1929 Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe song, was later covered by Led Zeppelin and released in 1971 on Zeppelin's fourth album, is enough for those of us who love music to sing her praises.

You can read about her here;

The forgotten queen - Was Memphis Minnie the mother of electric blues guitarists? by JoBeth Briton @ The Worcester Phoenix.

Memphis Minnie@Wikipedia

Click here for Memphis Minnie @

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