Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blues Word of the Day - Alcorub


1 - Tom "Bassman" Bartenbach, Puebla, Mexico wrote: "Alcorub refers to rubbing alcohol for sore muscles and bones. However, this was also used to sniff, much as other, more destructive substances are used today. A way to get a high. This stuff tasted lousy when ingested, so they sniffed it instead. Thanks to Tom "Bassman" Bartenbach for this contribution;

2 - Willie Lomax wrote to me: "Alcorub refers to "rubbing alcohol" i.e. isopropyl alcohol. It is inexpensive, easily obtainable, and although it is a cumulative poison, some desperate alcoholics have been known to drink it - with adverse effects. Thanks to Willie Lomax for this contribution;

3 - Greg Gurtizen says: "I believe that alcorub was a "Patent Medicine" of the time that alcoholics would use when they couldn't get their sterno (canned heat) aka "squeeze". Thanks to Greg Gurtizen for this contribution.

This phrase can be found in: Tommy Johnson, Canned Heat Blues

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