Sunday, March 07, 2010

Johnny Drummer - Unleaded Blues

From his web site

I got a chance to play with B.B. King in 1965, at a club called Lee's. It was B.B.'s birthday and his drummer didn't show up. Then in 1966, I went to see Muddy Waters in downtown Chicago, and he asked me to sit in. Muddy wanted me to go on the road with him, but I had a day job and was making more money than he was offering, so I turned him down. It was an honor though. He had Mojo Buford on harmonica, Otis Spann on piano, Willie Smith on drums, and Luther (Georgia Boy) Johnson on guitar.

In the '60s my band worked just about everywhere they hired a band on the South and West sides. I really started to leave the drums alone when we were playing at a nightclub on a show with Syl Johnson and Jimmy Witherspoon. The club owner put me out front as a singer, opening the shows.

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