Thursday, March 04, 2010

Angie Palmer - Tales of Light and Darkness


Angie’s music is now being championed by Bob Harris who recently chose her as one of only two female singer-songwriters on his recent “Best of British” show calling her “one of the greatest British songwriters”.

Her new CD “Tales of Light and Darkness”, which like “Road” made the long-cut for the Mercury Music Prize, is a more musically diverse record, with longer storytelling songs rubbing shoulders with shorter simpler songs about “love, loss, and redemption”, again drawing heavily on literature: Steinbeck’s dispossessed (Rose of Sharon), Edgar Allen Poe’s dark visions (Ravens), and the symbolic landscapes of Mikhail Bulgakov (Fool’s Gold) as well as the confessional: the death of a close friend (Columbus for a Day) and starting up alone (Letters from Home). These new songs, she says, continue where Road left off, mixing strong narrative songs with the personal but ‘a personal’ that connects with ‘the universal’ and which all reflect the idea of the age-old metaphysical struggle of good and evil, life and death, light and dark. This is to be expected from an artist of whom HMV Choice said when choosing “Road” as one of their Top Ten, “not since Bob Dylan’s mid-60’s output has a singer jammed songs with so many high-culture reference points

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