Sunday, March 07, 2010

Keni Lee Burgess "Preaching Blues Medley"

I try to limit the number of times I say "Wow." I think it is an overused word. But I think if you watch the YouTube clip below, you will agree with me that Keni Lee Burgess' performance of a Son House and Robert Johnson Preaching Blues Medley rates a "Wow!"

It is simply wonderful. This is not your regular Gospel Blues song that I normally post on a Sunday, but I think it shows very well how to two music forms are fused together by the not only modern day musics, but as I often contend, was fused by the founders of what we call blues music.

Notes From YouTube;

Preaching Blues Medley (including John the Revelator) by Son House and Robert Johnson. Performed by Keni Lee Burgess on Six String Resonator Cigar Box Guitar. Vestapol tuning: Open C (CGCegc).

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