Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Harmonicas, and Harmonica Players On My Mind.

One of the house keeping chores that I do regularly around here is clean up the spam comments. You know people who leave comments that have nothing to do with blues music, or music at all, but they just happen to mention a plumbing supply store and provide a link to their web site.

Those get deleted immediately, or quicker if I see them.

Well anyway, a spammer left a comment on my Top 10 Harmonica Players List. Which caused me to re-read all the comments on that post.

And I realized that one of my favorite Harmonica players and teachers of Harmonica had actually left a comment. Adam Gussow left a great comment, that blew me away. I had read the comment before, but did not realize who had left it.

If you have noticed on the left hand side over there on the side bar I list some wonderful Harmonica players who also provide online leassons (you may have to scroll down to see them).

Adam Gussow's YouTube channel is wonderful, please check it out; Adam Gussow's dirty-South blues harp channel

And check out Adam and Satin, the band that Mr. Gussow plays in.

You can also check out Adam's Harmonica web site Modern Blues Harmonica.com.

I guess I should be thankful to that spammer, he made me think about some great harmonica blues music, LOL.

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