Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blues At Montreux Blu-ray DVD

Blues At Montreux [Blu-ray]

According to a reviewer at Amazon.com;
This is like getting 3 Great blues concerts for the price of 1. Each artist has his own stage performance along with a guest performance of Corlos Santana. The video is top notch as well as the Audio. Each of these blues artists are legions in there own right and there performances show why. The back up musicians for all 3 are extremely tight and are well practiced in their art. This recording holds the last live recorded video of Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. A blues super hero who will be sorely missed. Santana is always in the back ground and never takes over the show, I liked that very much. His performances were stunning never the less, showing the various styles he can adapt to. If you are a blues fan or a Santana fan this will make you both. Don't deprive yourself, get this one!

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