Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Release - David Booker - Take out Your False Teeth Mama!

Take out Your False Teeth Mama!

A reviewer at Amazon.com said;

Didn't know what to expect by the title. Listen to the samples- the whole songs are really great.

These are blues, with some country, folk and more blues feeling and sound. Very enjoyable to listen to. Really like #7- Bring Back My Cadillac.

Click image above to listen to samples

1. Fatman Blues
2. Take Out Your False Teeth
3. Beans on Toast and a Porkoie Hat
4. God of Clubs
5. Juke Joint Blues
6. Romance Without Finance
7. Bring Back My Cadillac
8. All I Got Left Is the Blues
9. Swamp Witch
10. Ad Man Blues

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