Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hadda Brooks Queen of the Boogie

Hadda Brooks "Queen of the Boogie" performing "That's My Desire".

I first saw Ms. Brooks during a performance of hers at the PB (Pacific Beach) Street Fair here in San Diego. I was grooving so much to her music that she picked me out of the audience and called me up to the stage and serenaded me.

Her flair, charm, skill at playing boogie woogie and sense of humor won over the crowd of young twenty something beach going crowd that day. No small feat, for a lady of her age.

I got to meet her after her set and she was vary gracious, and signed her autograph for me.

I often think of her and her wonderful music.

Notes from YouTube: Lovely romantic song from 1947 by singer/pianist Hadda Brooks.

The guitarist on this recording is Teddy Bunn, a superb guitar player who was playing Rock and Roll in the 1930's.

Hadda Brooks

Hadda Brooks @Wikipedia

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