Monday, November 02, 2009

Kick it Around

From his web site

Born in Colchester, England, -“When I was nine, my parents moved into this caravan in Thorrington, outside Colchester. It was this poxy little caravan, old and knackered, with me and my brother stuck in one half of it and Mum and Dad sleeping in the living room. We had a radio and there wasn’t much interesting on that, and my grandmother gave us an old gramophone and a heap of 78s – all 50’s stuff. I just acquired the taste for stuff around that age – we had Jackie Wilson’s Reet Petite and lots of other Rock ’n Roll in its earliest form. It was a great treat for us to be allowed to listen every now and then, because there wasn’t a lot of room in that place. It was in the middle of an onion field.”

Hunter initially hooked up with Van Morrison back in the early 90’s after Morrison, tipped off by an enthusiastic Hunter fan at a newsstand in London, went to hear Hunter perform at a gig in Wales. Hunter subsequently toured extensively with Morrison, singing alongside such luminaries as John Lee Hooker, Junior Wells, Jimmy Witherspoon and Georgie Fame. He is featured on Morrison’s live album A Night in San Francisco and the studio recording Days Like This. Hunter continues to appear as a musical guest at Morrison shows, most recently in March 2004 at a concert in York, England where the two performed a duet of Things I Used To Do by Guitar Slim.

3 tracks that give a taster

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